Thursday, 28 April 2016

This week in Ms. Lynch's class...

New Breakfasts!

Today, Thursday the 28th of April we got new breakfasts. They were fruit pots. The fruit pots consisted of strawberry's, pineapples, apples and grapes. The girls said that they really enjoyed them.

Tomorrow's Sportathon!

Tomorrow the 29th of April we will have our yearly sportathon. We are really excited to participate in all the amazing activities. Our teacher, Ms. Lynch will be doing yoga in the story room.

Prayer service!

On Tuesday, the 26th of April we went over to Mr. Arkins's room to talk about our Confirmation with Jenny and Father Peter. Some girls in our class read out their Confirmation Report. They were excellent. We also talked about what we're going to do with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We got a prayer card and a certificate from the You Shall be my Witness Programme the we did in February.

Drug Posters 

Since we are reading our novel "Reaching The Heights" it deals with drugs among young people. We decided to create posters saying NO to drugs. Have a look at the display board outside room 4.

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