Thursday, 2 June 2016

The Past two weeks in Ms.Lynch's Class...

Our June Water Challenge!

Ms.Lynch's Class have a goal for this month!
The girls in Sixth Class have an aim to drink at least one 
litre of water a day in school!
Everybody has began to bring in their 1litre water bottles.
On sunny days like the ones we've had this week you should drink at least 1.5 litres a day!
Remember to keep hydrated!

The St.Clares Book of Graditude

We the sixth class girs have come up with an idea.
We decided to make a book of graditude 
The whole school is taking part and creating their own page for the inside of the book.
We are also holding an art competition for thr front cover of the book,
If anyone would like to take part design your cover by next Friday!
Be as creative as you like ,
then at the end of the week Ms Lynch's Class will collect them and pick our favourite
for the cover!

Transfer Programme

Last Thursday our class started the 'Transfer Programme' , the Programme will run for 3 weeks.
The programme teaches you how to  cope with the changes in Secondary School.
The two people that came into our room to work with us were Sean and Denise.
All the girls thought the programme was very fun and helpful!

New Breakfasts
We in St,Clres are so lucky to get yummy breakfast every moring.
Last Friday we got a new breakefast, it was crossiants as a Firday treat.
Today we aso recieved new vanilla Glenisk yogurts.
We all enjoyed our new breakfast!

Friends For Life Refreshment Session

On Tuesday Ms.Meahon came back into our class for a Refreshment Session of FFL.
We were really excited to have her back in our class becasuse we hadn't seen her since March.
After the Friends For Life Programme 
the girls in Ms.Lynch's Class
have alot of new ways for coping with difficult situations and relaxing!

Last Day of Hurai Le Gaeilge

Today we had our last day of Hurai Le Gaeilge with Ms.Brady and Ms.Lynch.
We all really enjoyed our Gaeilge stations every morning!
Everyones Irish has improved after doing Hurai Le Gaeilge.
We would like to thank Ms.Brady for coming into our Class every morning!

Guide Dog Projects Underway!

The girls have started  to work on their Guide Dog projects and they are looking great.
Ms.Lynch can't wait to see all of them when they are finished!

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